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How to use this site

This site enables you to:

  •  Get a quick overview of the road fatality problem
  •  Understand the work iRAP does to address the issue
  •  Access iRAP courses online which enable you to use iRAP processes
  •  Access back-up resources and references to supplement the course
  •  Learn how to become accredited as a supplier of iRAP services

Some of the information on this site can be accessed freely by anyone, some is available free to those who register and sign the pledge to support the campaign to reduce road fatalities, some is only available to those who have purchased a course or are members of organisations with access rights.  You can register and purchase materials on this site but if you are a member of an organisation with access rights you will need to contact the link person in your organisation to get your login details.

The site is structured so that key information is all accessed direct by clicking buttons on the home page.

Clicking the course menu takes you to a page with details of the iRAP course:

Each course has an entry page like this:

Each course module starts with a title page like this:

The courses are user driven and buttons or the menu bar are used to select content that you wish to explore.   Some content is embedded in layers within layers, some is presented as slides, and there are videos and links.

The coding course has additional details and the slides are structured so that they can act as a reference manual as well as a course.